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3 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog To A Boarding Facility

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Are you planning a trip for you and your family at some point in the upcoming months? Have you been worrying about what you'll do with your dog while you're away? For many people, the solution is simple: get a friend or a family member to watch any pets until you get back. This isn't necessarily a bad option but it's not always the best option either. Instead of continuing to consider this solution, a better idea might be to take your dog to a boarding facility. This has a number of advantages over getting someone to just watch your pets.

Better safety

Sadly, not everyone can be trusted to watch a dog even when they are otherwise good people. If they don't already have a dog, they might forget to take your dog on walks, forget to feed them, and so on. You could come back from vacation to find your dog sick or worse because your friend or family member forgot an important aspect of your dog's care. With a dog boarding facility, each employee is checked carefully to ensure that they will care for your canine companions as you would expect them to be cared for. In addition, having multiple employees checking and watching over each other makes it much less likely that anything important will be forgotten.

Lower cost

The cost of having a friend or family member watch your pets isn't something that can be measured only in dollar amounts. For months or even years afterward, you could be asked for one favor or another simply because they spent a few days watching your dog. Even after you've done multiple favors for this person, they could still be holding it over your head. Avoid that entirely by taking your dogs to a dog boarding facility. The up-front monetary cost may be higher but the long-term emotional cost will be non-existent.

Happier dogs

One of the biggest factors to take into consideration when you're trying to decide what to do with your dogs is whether or not they will be happy while you're away. If you have someone else watch them, not only will you be gone but the friend or family member probably won't be there much either. Modern dog boarding facilities, on the other hand, have daily playtime with staff and/or other dogs, as well as cuddles, treats, and so on. Unlike the bare kennel cages of the past, your dog will be on an exciting vacation as much as you are.