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Keep Your Cat Comfortable In Their Senior Years With The Help Of A Veterinarian

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As your cat gets older, the amount of care that they need can increase quite a bit, making it important to do your best to help keep them comfortable as they get older. Instead of caring for them entirely on your own, it's best to see the difference that visiting a vet can make. When you're unsure about exactly what they can help with, you need to consider the following tips that the vet can help you with to make sure that your cat's not going to have any health issues that could have been prevented with regular visits.

Switch to a New Diet

One of the best changes you can make for your cat as they get older is changing their diet. Senior food can make a big difference in how healthy they are and help to make sure that you're not going to be struggling with a diet that could be providing far too many carbs or protein for their age and activity level. Since cats can be very picky, it's a good idea to carefully choose a new diet with the recommendation of your veterinarian so that there's not any uncertainty over whether they are eating healthy.

Discuss Stimulation at Home

When your cat is kept indoors instead of outside, it's important that you carefully choose things at home to keep your cat entertained and avoid their mental state suffering or them getting frustrated due to a lack of stimulation. Since not all activities are going to be suited for senior cats, visiting a vet can be a great way to get recommendations on what you can do to play with your cat keep them active as they get older.

Since this might mean an interactive toy or a special feature that keeps their mind busy, discussing the different options for stimulation with your vet can help you find something that will work for your cat.

Schedule Routine Wellness Exams

In order to keep your cat in the very best health, it's important for you to keep up with routine wellness exams since you can quickly end up frustrated with your cat not getting the medical attention they need. From checking the health of their teeth to more detailed exams including bloodwork, scheduling routine exams can help a lot with making sure there are no health concerns that you need to be aware of.

As you ready to make sure that your cat comfortable as they get older, you can benefit by seeing what vet visits can do for keeping up with their health. Contact a local animal care hospital to learn more.