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Untangling Knots In Your Yorkie's Hair Before They Become A Tangled Mess

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An adult Yorkshire terrier, commonly known as a yorkie, has long straight hair that parts down the center of their back and hangs down uniformly on each side of their body. This single layer of hair appears shiny and silky, much like a human's hair. Yorkie puppies for sale have short hair and as their hair continues to grow, it will reach the floor when the puppies are 18 to 24 months of age. Because of the length and fine texture of their hair, it's not uncommon for tangles to appear out of nowhere. If your yorkie has tangles, knots or matted hair, read the following tips to get it back into shape.

Prepare The Hair

Before you begin untangling, you must prepare the hair first by spritzing the knot with a detangler. This solution makes the hair slick, which helps in combing out the tangle. If you prefer, you can place a couple of drops of hair conditioner on your fingers and rub the conditioner into the knot. Moistening the mat with a hair product will prevent breakage of the hairs while you're trying to detangle them. These products also make it easier for you to work the knot out of the hair. If you don't have hair products handy, rubbing corn starch into the mat will also aid in its removal.

Untangle The Mat

If your yorkie has a small tangle, use your fingers and gently work the tangle free by pulling out several strands of hair at a time. If your dog has a large clump of matted hair, divide the mat into smaller sections, if possible, and work on one section at a time. Grasp the base of the knot next to your dog's skin. Holding the knot this way will prevent you from pulling the dog's hair and skin while untangling the knot. Start at the bottom of the tangle and use a pin brush that has a foam center and wide-spaced bristles to work out the knot. Brush about one inch of hair at a time and keep working up the length of the hair with your brush until you've untangled the entire knot.

Since yorkies have long hair, that's prone to knotting up, make a habit of brushing your pup's hair every day to keep matted hair at bay. Removing a small tangle is much easier on you and your dog if it's not left alone to turn into a knotted mess.