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Time for Vaccinations? How to Help Your Kitten Recover from Their First Round of Shots

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If it's time for your kitten to get their vaccinations, take care of that right away. Vaccinations provide protection against a variety of dangerous diseases. One of those is the feline distemper shot. Kittens should begin their vaccinations when they're between the ages of six and eight weeks old. If you've never had a kitten get vaccinated before, you'll need to prepare for the recovery. Vaccinations can make your kitten feel downright miserable for the first few days. Here are some tips that will help your kitten. 

Provide a Quiet Space

Your kitten might not feel like itself after it gets its vaccinations. It may be irritable or lethargic. For the first day after vaccinations, provide your kitten a quiet place to rest. This should be a space that's away from household activity. It's especially important to keep them separate from other household pets. That way, your kitten can get all the rest it needs. 

Be Prepared for Accidents

If this is the first round of vaccinations for your kitten, prepare for accidents. Vaccinations can cause stomach and intestinal distress for kittens. Because of that, your kitten may experience vomiting or diarrhea. Unfortunately, your kitten might not be able to make it to the litter box in time. Make clean up easier. Line the area around your kitten with training pads. That way, you can roll up the soiled pads and place them in the trash. 

Watch for Nasal Discharge

If your kitten is scheduled to receive an intranasal vaccination—through the nose—there may be some nasal discharge. That means your kitten may have a runny nose. This is normal for the first few days. The discharge may be making breathing difficult for your kitten. This is especially true if there's a lot of thick discharge. Help ease breathing problems. Keep your kitten's nose clear of discharge. You can do that by wiping its nose with a soft tissue. If the discharge is extreme, talk to the veterinarian about a nasal decongestant. 

Know the Signs of Allergic Reactions

If your kitten needs vaccinations, know the warning signs of an allergic reaction. Some kittens may be allergic to the vaccinations they receive. Some of the warning signs include weakness and breathing difficulties. If your kitten develops either of those symptoms, contact the veterinarian right away. Also, have the veterinarian document the reactions in your kitten's medical records. That way, they're prepared for the next round of vaccinations.

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