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Why Invest In Silver Lab Puppies?

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The ever-popular, lab retrievers come in a variety of colors, including brown, white, cream, yellow, black, and even silver. Silver lab puppies are a color of puppy that is growing in popularity among the lab breed. 

As you think about getting a lab puppy for your home, consider a silver lab. Here are the reasons why you should consider silver labs for sale.

You get a unique dog

Silver labs are somewhat controversial in their design and can be a more unique style of lab to own than other traditionally colored labs. What makes silver lab puppies the unique color they are is dilution. Common in other breeds of dogs, the silver lab is considered to be unique because the gene that makes a dog a dilute dog is not as common in labs. The recessive genes that make up the silvery blue color of silver lab puppies are still under debate.

If you want a lab but want your pup to stand out, choose silver labs for sale in your area from a reputable breeder. In America, silver labs for sale are growing in popularity, although the color variation is still less common than brown, black, or even yellow labs.

You get a well-bred dog

Since silver labs for sale are bred with specific gene combinations in mind to achieve the right diluted fur color, you can generally expect your silver lab breeder to be skilled in their ability to breed healthy, high-quality labs. However, you should still research any breeder you choose to buy silver lab puppies from and make sure that the puppies you buy have been checked all over for overall health and wellness.

Before buying any silver lab puppies from a breeder, ask to see the parents on-site and get copies of all vet records. The controversy is still ongoing as to whether the silver lab is a purebred dog, but so long as you choose a reputable breeder who pays close attention to the recessive genes that make up the beautiful silvery color silver lab puppies can carry, you should be confident you'll get a great dog.

Silver labs for sale are known for being great companions and are intelligent, beautiful dogs. Whether you are interested in getting your first lab puppy or you've had labs in the past and want to give a silver lab a try, the right breeder will be able to help you secure a beautiful dog you can enjoy for many years.