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4 Pet Grooming Services for Happy, Healthy Animals

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Pets have beautiful, soft fur that can be a joy to stroke and pet. However, pets need to be groomed regularly in order to keep their fur clean and unmatted. Not all pet owners have the skills and time required to properly groom their animals. Fortunately, professional pet groomers can help you keep your pet in excellent condition. Here are four pet grooming services that you can take advantage of:

1. Shampooing

When your pet arrives at a grooming facility, shampooing is the first treatment they will undergo. This step will get your pet clean and make them smell great. Your pet groomer will use warm water at a temperature that is comfortable for your pet. They will be careful to avoid getting water in your pet's eyes, ears, or nose. Many pet groomers offer shampoo made for animals with sensitive skin for pets who have skin that is easily irritated. Pets with white coats may be washed with shampoo that contains bluing agents to take away yellow casts.

2. Fur Trimming

Some pet owners desire to have their pet's fur trimmed, especially if their pet is a long-haired breed. Fur trimming is a task best left to professionals. A pet groomer will use scissors and electric clippers to give your pet an attractive, even haircut. Having your pet's fur trimmed at the start of the summer can help it stay cool and comfortable all season long. Some breeds, such as poodles, have popular, distinctive hairstyles, and you can request that your pet groomer cut your pet's fur to the breed standard if desired.

3. Nail Cutting

Pets use their nails to climb, run, and defend themselves. However, animals' nails can grow too long if they are not trimmed. A pet groomer can cut your pet's nails without causing pain or injury to your animal. Short nails can be more comfortable for pets and also prevent unwanted injuries to pet owners.

4. Gland Expressing

Dogs have anal glands that allow them to mark their territory. Sometimes dogs are unable to fully express their anal glands, which can result in itchiness and discomfort. Pet owners often notice the signs of this discomfort when they see their dogs scooting across the carpet or lawn. Pet groomers can express dogs' anal glands as part of their grooming service. A dog who has had its anal glands expressed will be more comfortable and will not leave unpleasant odors on your clothes or furniture.